Camera Craft Tip Videos

The page below has a chronological list of our Camera Craft Tip videos. In the videos we'll cover anything from the basics of camera maintenance to equipment, to photo and video techniques.
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Camera Craft Tip - Fireworks

In this video we talk about techniques used to photograph fireworks, so you can get some great photo grabs this Canada day.

Camera Craft Tip - Video Equipment

In this video we cover some simple video gear that you can use to help add cinematic value to your videos. We go over sliders and shoulder rigs and why you may want to add the use of these in your video productions.

Camera Craft Tip - Universal Chargers

In this video we talk about the perks of using a universal charger as opposed to a camera specific charger.

Camera Craft Tip - Reflectors

In this video we talk about reflectors and their many colours, their uses, and why it's a great idea to keep a reflector in your gear bag.

Camera Craft Tips - Focal Lengths of Lenses

In this video we talk about the different visual styles and focal lengths of lenses, and how this knowledge is useful.

Camera Craft Tip - Attaching a UV Filter

In this video we talk about the attachment of a UV filter. This video is incredibly helpful for those that haven't attached a filter before and are looking for some pointers.

Camera Craft Tip - Lens Cleaning

In this video we will be showing you how to clean your lens and filters, to help you maintain high image quality.

Camera Craft Tip - Cleaning Your Lense Mount

In this video we go over some camera maintenance techniques. One of which is how to keep your battery contacts clean to help maintain battery life, and the second being how to remove graphite buildup from your lens mount to make sure your lens and camera electronics can communicate properly.

Camera Craft Tip - Binoculars

In this video we talk about the different sizes of binoculars, their general purposes, and what to look for when you're in the market.

Camera Craft Tip - Loading a Film Camera

In this video we will be showing you how to properly load a film camera!

Camera Craft Tips - Types of Tripods

In this video we talk about different sizes and styles of tripods, who each size is marketed towards, and what kind of bang you can get for your buck.