To enhance your creativity we stock a full line of name brand wide angle and telephoto lenses, filters and lens accessories. Looking for a smarter, more powerful flash to fit your new digital SLR camera? We have just the model to fit your needs. We also stock a full range of light to heavy duty tripods and accessories, camera bags and waterproof cases. Black and white darkroom work has remained a popular activity and we carry everything to outfit your own home darkroom.

If you have been thinking about outfitting a photo studio choose from backdrops to light stands and reflectors.




We carry a full line of ManfrottoVanguard and MeFoto tripods in stock. A large selection of tripod heads for any application are available from ball heads to video heads, we've got them all.

  We Carry:

  • Camera Bags
  • Camera Straps
  • Tripods
  • Camera Flashes
  • Binoculars & Spotting Scopes
  • Studio Lighting
  • Soft Boxes & Reflectors
  • Darkroom Paper & Chemicals
  • Colour / B&W Film




UV Filters

For protection of your lens, you must buy a UV filter to protect your investment. If you scratch or break the filter, get a new one! If you scratch or break the lens... well that's a whole new lens.


Athabasca Square Filters

Capture the best landscape photos with the new Athabasca filter set! Add contrast and show motion!



Cactus RF60 Flash

The Wireless Flash RF60 is a portable flash that has a built-in wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver – THREE things combined into one.


Black Rapid

Camera's have come a long way. It's time your camera strap caught up. Black Rapid is the world's most trusted camera strap!



Portable flexible tripods, with a sleek style, for all kinds of cameras, from point & shoot to mirrorless and DSLR.


We Have UK Cases in Stock!

Many options make this hard protective carring case adaptable to most applications. Ideal protection for all your photographic equipment. Features: Tough ABS construction withstands 7-foot drop to concrete, Padded fold-down ABS handle, ABS snap latches, Venting latches equalize when opening and seal when closed, Pressure equalization valve allows easy opening after altitude or temperature change, Full-length hinge, padlock loops and two front latches secure contents, Optional user configurable pluck foam filling or instrument panel mounting ring, Interlocks in stacks with same or mixed sizes.



Film is back!

Camera Craft is Sault Ste Marie's best destination for the photographer who still prefers film over digital, or those who just want to dust off their film camera. We stock 35mm film in Black & White, Colour and Colour Slides as well as 120 film for medium format cameras. We also stock many batteries that older film cameras use and can test your old camera batteries. If we don't have what you're looking for just ask, we may be able to special order it for you!