From SooToday's Spotlight: How one simple philosophy has kept a local business going for over 6 decades

Serving the people of Sault Ste. Marie for over 60 years, Camera Craft has a clear picture about what its customers expect. And it’s oh-so-good for you.

A strong emphasis on the buying experience, that’s the secret ingredient Camera Craft is stocking in surplus for its customers. Their level of service is one that only a specialty shop can offer and one that only experience can dictate.

With over six decades serving Sault Ste. Marie it’s safe to say that Camera Craft has history in the community. But when you ask what history means to their store,
they’ll tell you the word is in no way synonymous with what is old.

“We’re old school but we’re always up-to- date,” explains the family. “We’ve kept up with the technical changes throughout the years and have done so with the belief that the customer always comes first.”

Camera Craft has lived photography in a way that only a few specialty shops can boast about. They’ve seen the landscape transform from Polaroid instant film, to the first point and shoot auto-focus, to the digital era and advanced DSLRs.

Their rich history with all things photographic runs deep.

Because of their experience Camera Craft has an understanding that when entering the world of advancing technology the buying process can seem intimidating
whether you’re the family photographer or a budding visual artist.

The world of pixels, lenses, aperture, filters, flashes and tripods are enough to make most people shudder.

That’s why according to Camera Craft, the experience for the customer is so important.

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