Only a few more weeks until the first Photo 101 of the season!

Only a few more weeks until  we will run the first Photo 101  of the season here at Camera Craft


Saturday September 24th, 2016 from 10:30am till 1:30pm, will be having our first seminar of the season.

Photo 101 covers all of the basics to get you comfortable using your camera, changing settings and taking control.  During the three hour session you will learn about using the focus controls on your camera, as well as the metering setting to increase your success.
Participants will begin using the program (P) setting and learn the basic skills that will lead them to full manual control of their cameras.  
Using the exposure triangle participants will gain a better understanding of ISO, exposure and aperture and how they function together.  We will also be exploring the concept of depth of field and white balance and how this affects your photography.
Teaching will be done in a variety of methods to meet all learning styles, with hands on, take home material and visuals as well as demonstrations.  Class sizes are kept small to optimize learning.

To sign up for the seminar give us a call at Camera Craft or stop by the store.